Burgers, cold beer and….


Deciding what you want to go with your burger is a rite of passage in a young boy’s life. When I was following my Dad to Kincaid’s, a grocery store that offered blue plate lunch specials, the fries worked for me. But when I started feeling my oats, women, and live music were the side orders of choice. My allegiance shifted to the 7th Street corridor and there I also found the best burger in Fort Worth at Fred’s.


Why has it taken so long for Fred’s to make TXTALES Quest in the West for the Best? Well, we just launched our section of reviews this year, and what better place to start than Fred’s, since they’ve been the winners or on top of just about every list out there. (My favorite on the long roster of awards is Best of 2012 – Carnivorous Indulgence by Texas Magazine, but you’ll also find Fred’s on USA Today’s “51 Best Burger Joints” in 2010, and DFW.com tapped Fred’s for Best Burger of 2009.)


Owner Terry Chandler and his wife have worked hard to make Fred’s what it is today, expanding the patio as a venue for live music and gatherings and more. Terry’s alter ego, Outlaw Chef, drags his period chuckwagon to parades and catered events (and drives the Outlaw Chef Food Truck to private engagements as well). Nobody can really explain why food cooked out of a chuck wagon tastes better, it just does — and the grub Terry sends out the door at Fred’s is already excellent.


If you want to bring some of the taste of Outlaw Chef home, not to worry, you can buy his products in grocery and general stores. (The products are also available online.) We’re not going to promise you that Badlands BBQ Sauce and Heifer Dust Spice Rubs will make your food as good as Terry’s, but they’ll sure as heck up your game compared to the guy who thinks A1 is the be all and end all of meat.