Headin South..to SXSW


Austin is just the kind of place for a Texas style shin dig, and if you happen to be there for the next week you’re in for a real treat. TX Tales is headed to Austin and SXSW to check things out.

March 10th, we stopping over at No Parachute Music Group’s recording party located at and check out a ‘smorgasbord’ of artists that you may or may not have heard of- but really should. You’ll probably fall for the unique sound of Shurman, Teddy Jack, Catherine Elsey, and special guests Spoonfed and Tribe- just to name a few. Visit No Parachute Music Group’s Facebook page for more names and information.

Hopefully Sunday doesn’t tucker you out because on Thursday we’re going to be taking a stroll on over with Heartbreaker Banquet to Willie Nelson’s Luck, Texas Ranch. Yes, Willie Nelson’s private ranch for more music, food, and a liquor bar with cocktails created by New York’s famed mixologist Greg Seider and legendary Designer John Varvatos while our ears are being serenaded by Jim James, Shovels & Rope, Phosphorescent, and many other great line ups.

No event is complete until you have had some good eats so maybe we will see you at Outlaw Chef during the Heartbreaker Banquet and BBQ at the soon to be legendary Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew. What makes this place our meal of choice is the philosophy.

Not only is Stiles setting a high bar for his food, but for the type of environment you will find yourself dinning in. Their great location is found in the historical part of central Austin and is said to “host a nostalgic atmosphere that transcends back to the old Austin neighborhood style eatery which combines exceptional Texas BBQ, great atmosphere, and cold Texas craft brews”.

Where there is great Music & Food there is bound to be a Texan, and that’s where you will find us!