Motorcycle w Native Texan Sticker

Hit the road Jack! There is definitely something about feeling free and taking in all the senses as you head off to the mountains or where ever your destination is. Texas people have always had a connection. You drive 12 hours to leave the state (depending where you started), yet you might feel as if you are in the movie, “Groundhog Day” where everything happens over and over again without getting anywhere. However, once that state line is FINALLY crossed, frustration is filled with joy for new scenery, different weather and new experiences. This is all well and good but mark my words, Texas and Texas people never leave your heart. It’s like we are members of an exclusive club. Lots of people hate Texans for that very reason. It never hurts to have a bumper sticker like the one above in case your bike breaks down. It might just be your all access pass for help. Love us or hate us, we stick together.

Joe Biz

Joe Biz is clearly the man for the job. What job you ask? I don’t know but just in case the fancy Lamborghini isn’t a telling sign of success, he’s helping you out with a custom license plate. I always like to think of the backstory on guys like this. Did he ponder for hours to come up with just the right words? Did he wonder if hot girls would be instantly impressed? Perhaps he was the first success story for his family and this was his personal trophy. Elvis called his band T.C.B for taking care of business. He incorporated the letters into an emblem flanked by lightning bolts. This emblem was displayed on a necklace and a ring and worn with great pride. I guess Joe wasn’t the first to T.C.B. but bravo for gettin’ the job done Joe!

Trophy Pics

Nothing says, “You’re awesome” like an enormous trophy! It’s amazing the allure that 4lbs of cheap plastic resembling metal, can have on a person. From raising a pig to competing in the 100-yard dash, people will spend an enormous amount of time preparing for that one moment in time where there is clear evidence of being superior in something. Down the road, trophies collect dust and possibly remind us of our best days gone by. Or perhaps the trophies continue in a different form: medals or T-shirts for the completion of marathons, photos on Facebook of the latest greatest trip/car representing success, mounting a trophy buck on the wall and of course the proverbial trophy wife. Whatever your area of expertise, I hope your mom didn’t throw out all of your hardware. With any luck, you can see your name on a brass plate and grab a roll of salami and a wedge of cheese at the same time. You’re the best…really, you are…